So how did we get here?


So from our hot soup of creative minefield and brainstorming, we end up in what we called a recipe.

It is the final design considerations that we absolutely needed to go into the final product but for the longest time we had a fixated idea of constructing a mobile app, but everyone around me, the lecturers and other people are strongly advising me against constructing a mobile app and now that I think about it, it is a good idea that I gave that up and found

it is essentially a mobile app prototype, it can function and act like a mobile phone but it is just on the computer/net.

Back to the recipe, it focused on the environment, the four aspects of creative technology (the degree), art, design, engineering and technology, the facilitation of teamwork and BCT’s theme of exploration as the center of learning.

Elevator pitch

Survival guide for year 1 students (BCT) focusing on teamwork explained trough a narrative.

our final project will be a proof of concept constructed in website showing the capabilities of our design without the hard coding behind the scenes. But it has been discussed at some point it might be a good idea to construct the app for real and show it to AUT.



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