The Prospers and Wealth Walrus

The wealthy walrus mobile phone app.

It is a relatively simple app that follows a wealthy walrus as an investor for people to do hypothetical scenarios.

this is the a question for a certain amount of money.

This is what it looks like after picking your answer. your answers are being compared to the other people around the world who have taken this answer.

Every 5th answer there is a super question, that is worth more money.

It is simple, conversation starters and you can figure out people.

I really like this app because it has very convenient features, it is somewhat competitive because you have a frame of reference to what answer you picked vs all the other people who played the question.

There is the super question that is more harder to answer, its like hard mode which make sit something else

the money, it is the incentive for the actions, it adds a layer of game mechanic that keeps the game interesting.

This app has a lot of features that i really like and could incorporate to our final outcome


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