The mighty FaceBook

the free not so free social media giant where most people are and the people are not think they are too edgy for Facebook.

Many people use Facebook for keeping in touch, writing hbd to peoples wall one time a year. It connects us but we don’t do anything anymore. You don’t call someone to greet an acquaintances birthday  because that would be strange or weird.

I for one is a Facebook user to a very large extent

I am one of the people in society that prefers the comfort of my phone rather than interacting with someone on the bus, I could but today, people would rather avoid meaningless conversation without any substance. But that doesn’t stop people using books and other work as alternative distractions.

I am not criticizing peoples habits but merely stating its existence.

In terms of connecting people, Facebook wins because it allows instant communication regardless of distance but it doesn’t really help meeting new people, you can add random people on Facebook but maintaining a reasonable constant interactions is incredibly limited. Your circle of friends wont grow by just being on Facebook.  The hard working of meeting people in real life is still required.



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