Real begining, Kinda

I finally was able to get a start on my final studio project.

Its format is letter writing (hopefully hand written) with a mobile app interface for immersion and maybe kinda a romance plot?


Writing the script is the hardest part honestly, I was being idiotic when I thought learning java app development will be the hardest part.

I have written a script before, Destination Mars, a dystopian story about the overpopulation of the planet.

But writing a letter is actually unbelievably because the hardest part is making it sound genuine, a letter from someone important with emotions and feelings. Making something genuine from a non-existent character is actually something so hard. Because everything we do is based upon our past experiences and this character has only existed for something like 10 hours

Another thing that when you are writing a letter, a physical letter, it is not instantaneous, it actually takes a flipping long time for letters to arrive after being written. We don’t live in a time that letter writing is our form of communication anymore. We have facebook messenger, something makes communications instantaneous.

letter writing also have that problem of what is the right question to ask? I can’t write a novel, but I want to write enough questions to satisfy the stupidly long gaps in time of waiting for letters to arrive

Even my app won’t be real time because it would take something like 5 years to complete


its not gif because I couldn’t find one but here is the calendar system from a game called Persona 3

as time majorly progress, the dates underneath the triangle will change. I was thinking of making something like this but, the problem this is animation and its something I don’t really want to do



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