Struggles of coming up with ideas

There are a few things I want to please for this project


Myself – a story I want to tell, something I create from something important to me, something I am passionate about.

Lecturer – the lecturer is looking for something different. It is still a storytelling course but I don’t want it to be just a simple movie or written story.

Audience/industry people – people have quit short attention span if it is like a novel, no one want to spend an exhibition reading one story for 20-40 min and the general audience might not even read often. Maybe a movie but I want to develop skills maybe an extension of something I already know or something new entirely. An industry person is looking for something unique and as a person that wants to be in a technology-based industry, maybe 2d animation is not the best thing to learn.

When I was in the state of not knowing what to make that fits this criterias, I re-read one of my all-time favourite story, Ichigo(Strawberry) 100%

I am almost done with it at the moment. WORD OF ADVICE: don’t if you are not familiar to manga and anime with genre such echii just stay away.

But beyond to the superficial fan service, at least to me, it is one of the well-developed series. From what I have experienced shows like Pokemon and Detective Connan/Cased Closed are plagued with something I would like to call the Immortal Existence problem. Time have stopped for the characters and they are 10 or 12 for more than 10 years of the series run time, which is not odd in western shows like Family Guy Simpson.

But this series ran for over 160 chapters, starting when they are at the tail end of their middle school through three years of high school and finally the future we (they) choose, a time skip of couple of years where everyone found their path in life, their passion, where they are happiest the most, influenced by other people but ultimately paths for themselves. A writer, a pastry chef, a director, a fashion icon, a photographer and a generational innkeeper.

As improbable as it seems they all receive success in the things they want to do, it is a theme that I can really relate to, we want to be successful and our friends and the people we met in our journey be successful too. But with this sacrifices were made before this ideal ending, hearts were broken, promises kept, trust were tested and their time apart from each other solidified their friendship within each other.

Some of the feelings that were thrown around in this series are some of the things that I want to incorporate to my stories, with the theme of the of what our future holds for us being my favourite. Although I think it will be less optimistic about the future, but that is what the author is feeling.



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