Gary Stu?

  1. Gary Stu

The male equivalent of Mary Sue, a fictional character seemingly perfect and idealized character who is (sometimes) low rank and saves the day through unrealistic means.

I didn’t know it until someone point it out to me that all the characters that I really like are characters that follow the description

Mahouka kokou no Rettousei (The irregular at magic high school)

Classic Gary Stu, a character, based on standardized test is considered to be the weakest character, with seemingly no aptitude for magic. But in practice, is considerably the most dangerous character with godlike abilities such as fully decomposing the magic sequence of people so anyone he faces he can stop them from casting magic, by extension he can apply this destructive technique to develop technique deconstruct physical objects like guns or slicing peoples arm of.


The second ability is based on recreation called regrowth, he can fully read a persons information to its entirety called eidos up to 24 hours ago. This allows him to fully reconstruct a person who have recently died by taking the copy and re-applying it to reality. He can apply this to himself therefore he can’t die by conventional means

He can cast faster than anyone else because he has the ability memorize the entirety of the casting process by memory rather than letting a machine do the calculation called elemental sight. It can also read the opponents magic sequence determining how they will use their magic giving him time to react appropriately.

Elemental Sight

Overpowered is an understatement, and in this series he is something called a strategic class magician. A magician who is an asset to its country and in this case he is part of JSDF independent magic-equipped battalion and can amplify his decomposition magic to create magic equivalent to atomic bombs.

To me Tatsuya’s character is interesting because his nature is something of anomaly, because to be bestowed his abilities, his only apparent emotion left is his emotional feelings and attachment to his younger  sister Miyuki who is by traditional standard, a protegee magician and is the heir apparent even though she is younger. Tatsuya who is considered to be a weak magician, born into  an incredible Yotsuba clan who is at this point is becoming the strongest of the 10 master clans, has no place in the family, and therefore experimented upon to be Miyuki’s guard/guardian to have a place in the house.

Even compared to other stories, Tatsuya to me excel at being a main character, his desire to protect Miyukiis his only driving force allowing him to be a force to be reckoned with, destroying, dismantling people in front of him to keep a singular person safe it is the absence of weakness that I admire so much and the fact that he will protect what he believe in and no one will stop him and prove everyone around him to their grave.


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