Prototype 1: The synonym

unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, unpredictable. There are an uncountable amount of words for me to describe my first prototype.

This was my setup. A round table with a piece of paper. box, and inside in the box another paper.
The paper says, if you want to hep a homeless person open the box. And the paper inside the box said, Thank you for your contribution. Please close the box.

My initial test is to test peoples interest. to observe peoples reaction to the question about helping homeless people. Many people they see homeless people but rarely give money let alone interact with the people.

My setup is just a box and a piece of paper and a table. I went to the 4th floor of WG building in AUT. and set them in a place i thought would be pretty busy. In front and beside the elevator. After i set it up i went a few meter away and see peoples reaction and interaction with the  setup. Intentionally i didnt add any other text, there where no red cross symbol or other homeless charity based organization attached to my set up. I waited 15 minutes before i move the location slightly and another 15 minutes before i packed up. I obeserved many things from the distance. I observed that in the initial position besides the elevator 8 peoplet interacted and opened the box. and in second location only 2 people interacted and opened the box with a total of 10 people. I also notice that many people looked at the setup but didnt interact or opened the box. and most of the people ignored it as if it seems it didnt exist.

But something happened, something extraordinary, something unprecedented. People placed money in the box. I thought i was being cheeky by having a random box in the middle of a busy place with people just opening and leaving it alone. I thought i was being cheeky when i said, thanks for your contribution because i assumed people will find it funny that nothing was inside the box and close it again. No where in the entire paper in and around the box it said please donate or give money to the homeless. all i asked was if you want to help a homeless person and the people if not all assumed that i was asking for money. To donate. Honestly i was just interested if the people opened the box and thats it. I didnt attach any organisation or  charity so and completely assumed that they wont put money or trust a random box in the middle of the hallway.

Earlier in the day i observed homeless peoples interaction with the public and noticed maybe after 30 people one person interacted said hi and dropped some change. Most people ignored, walk around or just didnt care enough to acknowledge the homeless person.

but my box was out in the open for 30 mins and it got more than the homeless person got in the same time. Which was weird

This part is my speculation but i think people are more willing to give to box without any human interaction rather than an actual person because i think people are wary and dont want to really want to talk or interact with people.

it was also interesting to see people assumed that i was asking for money rather than something else. i was never specific but people assumed i was seeking money




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