I’m Back

Its the beginning of the second half of the semester and we are getting right into it for our studio project. We submitted a our three proposals and now we have to prototype it and write our reports based on our findings.



  1. 1.a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed.“the firm is testing a prototype of the weapon”

according to googles dictionary, prototype is the initial or the alpha, the things that is not going to be released in the public, a kind of proof of concept before things get into productions. My lecturer said something interesting about prototyping, if you are prototyping something, and it is taking more than 2 days to get the information you want, you are doing something wrong, and, DONT use surveys, ever as they are lipservice as anyone can say yes but doing something all together is something different altogether. So these are the two things that i am thinking about my prototype method. The lecturers also talked about that we need to produce about ten prototype methods, a combinations of changing different methods and new methods all together. 

my main focus on this block is the following

a screen/terminal in a home that is attached to another terminal/screen in an area near a lot of homeless people. 

its not green but hopefully i can turn it into one.

So this the base feature i will have play around with. I initially wrote more stuff down to be more specific but i really didnt get what was being asked and produced what seemed to be more of a concrete outcome rather than something more fluid so i extracted the essence of my proposals and got the above.

My main focus now is how to prototype this. I thought up of a couple methods and question to tackle. First people always say that they like to help because it is expected and what we are suppose to say. But it is another matter to act upon these words. So i want to construct a box that says something like, If you want to help a homeless in your home press this button and i will keep track of how many people interact with the device and record my observation. Although i find something of a problem here because if i place my box within university premises most if not all the people i am showing these to is to students and let me tell you, students dont have the most disposable income. so maybe around queen street. or other high traffic and high diversity places. 

Another thing that the lecturers mentioned is that as a human being we take pride in our work, we dont like being wrong. And there are a high number of people that would falsify data to look good. But the correctness is not what is being asked, it is the method. In fact more often than not things tend to go wrong so it is much stranger if something words as expected. 

which is actually a giant problem in peer reviewed articles as some researches and scientist make or fix data to be more desirable as it leads to a higher chance of the last 3 years of life to being published and if something is inconclusive it leads to being forgotten as it is discarded and never published.

Dont be afraid to be wrong. Look for it



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