So i have my set of books, (i will take a photo of it later, dont have it with me) and in class both Laurent and Clint talked something i found inherently important to me. Dont be so serious. Be fun. Be creative in the connection of the books. and this really propelled my imagination in how i am going to create my final project for Integrative.

Lets talk about inspirations.


This video is from the YouTube channel called: You Suck at Cooking. Like the name suggest it is about how the creator ironically views his audience to be incompetent at food making. This channel is relatively new and his style is a combination of careful editing to mix the possible with impossible to create an entertaining video.

This  video is one of his early episodes that exploded in popularity, that it went ‘viral’ and it is about 7 ways of cutting and onion. The first is a traditional video of cutting an onion in a way that wont hurt or cut yourself. And after that it goes of the rails for example, throwing an onion in a wall to dice them or to karate chop an onion in half

His experimentation of both the possible and the impossible is very interesting to me. Because it creates and entertaining video. that anyone can watch even if they dont have any cooking experience. But the way he edits his video although obvious, mixed with the quick cut style of editing and voice over doesnt break the entertaining aspect of the entire video even if he doesnt show peoples faces  and only his hands. It is unexpected, effective and its humorous aspect is amazing without the traditional way to tell a joke with a question and a punchline.

Another inspiration is

This video is from a youtube channel called Causally Explained. Just like the name suggest it is a channel that deals with everyday problems that is explained casually. This channel has a satirical approach to situations but has always an element of humanity. It makes fun of a situations 90 percent of the time and has one part called, Real talk with Causally Explains, where he gives real advice.

This video in particular is one his channels most popular videos and it tackles the issue if a guy can determine if a girl is into them. It starts of probabilistic , if you are at a bar and notice a girl looking at your direction and does a hair flip, the answer would be, Can’t Tell. It also goes off the rails in the sense that the video leads to dates, and physical contact as still , Can’t Tell. Although this video in particular doesnt have the Real talk part of the video as i mentioned above.

This channel employs a technique of a 5 year old drawing. It is Stick Drawings, it has minimal object on screen, Photoshoped faces for some characters most notably Natalie  Dormer as characters. The creators face is a stick drawing with curly hair and eye angles to convey emotions, mouth are also drawn differently to convey fear. It also has minimal animations, reversing a face to show directions. But the audience can tell what is going on even if it is one frame changing.

His style of content is incredibly minimalist almost it appears that no effort was put into making it but it is so smart. In the witting, the pacing, the pauses were perfect to create an entertaining video.


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