The research process

Research Thoughts:


Then why would you leave – you want others to leave – might go because of nobility – good sales point – open land – how NZ was sold.

Overpopulation has caused earth’s decay.

People want to leave for a better life – you could stay and fix earth but it will take too long… you will be dead – too many want to leave – take people based on credentials – then wealth.

Do we pick based on wealth or credentials first? Eg.

Here are people with credentials, take the rich.

Here are the rich people, take those with credentials.

– You would get the same people, but you have a different motive – take credentials first.


Spimybots are mechanical – people are immortal – no reproduction – cannot grow colony – children will not be able to grow and learn, they cannot handle a spime body.

Spimybots are made of organic matter – still need to eat, live, reproduce – not immortal – MRS GREN – therefore age and skills of population taken matter.

Wage Gap.

Maybe only rich can afford education – only rich have qualifications – only rich are suitable to take on board?

Only rich people

Collapse of society – many of them are lazy – limited qualifications – no one would be rich any more, lose their wealth, not happy.

Only poor people

Can’t afford the ship – more disease – hardworking – limited knowledge of structural systems.

Population Spread.

Young People. 20 and under

They have very little life experience – irrational – poor judgment – don’t know how to care for themselves – don’t know how to repair the ship, manage society – no qualifications – susceptible to disease.

Old People. 60+

Good life experience – would structure society well – die quickly – not be prepared for change – not adaptable – can’t work the land too old – no reproduction – susceptible to disease.

Working Age. 20 – 60

Motivated – good work ethic – can reproduce and populate planet – there will be at least a 20 year age gap before the next generation – already have families – lives are already set up – they have houses, families, jobs, why would they move.


Only NZ’s are taken

Mars would continue to work as a new NZ – migration to NZ on earth would be chaotic – every other country would be angry – limited qualifications and genetic diversity.


If he is AI – spimebots become very basic technology – the minds would be considered to be AI.

Shaps is a program – his thoughts are programmed – he reflects a real person’s opinion – he could theoretically be programmed by a bitter person on earth and he could jeopardise the mission.


Only 1% over 60 – have a masters or doctorate – top of your field – rich – healthy

About 50% between 20-60 – have to have a degree – will select based on work ethic – no criminal record – character – genetic testing and diversity – would select neuro-diversity – genetic disorders, sick and mentally ill are usually excluded but taken on a case by case basis. If you fit this criteria you can take your immediate family (spouse and kids, or siblings under 20).

About 50% 20 and under – healthy – intelligent – potential – or parents are going.

Will need genetic, age, ethnicity diversity.

Cope of Files.

Didn’t make copies because of ethical debate about which copy is the real person?

Reverse Plot.

Apply to leave because Mars is better – earth is irreparable – strict selection process – only the best go.

Apply to leave because of sales pitch – rich/influential people are trying to convince unwanted population to leave so that earth is better for those left

Apply to stay, exile the ‘bad people’ –  earth is reparable – try to exile excess population – strict application process to stay on earth – best people are chosen to help revive the planet.

This abundant amount of words are the my teams discussion about the movie. Before and after filming.



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