The before and after

Just before this post, i have posted the teams discussion about the film. It essentially shows the research process that we initially took and after the filming and writing the script.

The following monday after we finished filming, Ricardo talked about most teams felt basic, going back to the question of, “if we give this question about the 60 years into the future to high school students, they will give simple answers.” And the trick to this project is leaving this area of thinking. How to think beyond a high school student? How to critically analyze the problem?

We never did that when we finished the script. We analyze the brief, came up with our scenario, tried to figure out the MOVIE we are planning to make.

For this project, i finally understand that the movie is not what we are being marked on. it is not what is the essence of this assignment.

It is about the thinking, the planning, the challenging of ideas, trying to look at the situations at a different angle. what if the scenario was a insignificantly or significantly different, like if the type of people we carry differ from what we wrote.

Another is that to keep challenging the script. What we did is after the writing of the script and the filming was practically nothing. We were worrying about the location, trying to organize people, essentially the entire production side of the filming which are all important for the film to be good. But our lecturers talked about going back and trying to address and critically think about the idea not the film.

And that is what we did.



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