Create it and kill it

We were taught something, to be prepared to create and idea, nurture it expand on ideas, go out there, explore.

Then promptly drill holes in your idea, finding loopholes, finding contradictions challenging it, essentially killing your idea.

This incredibly hard, not intuitive and contradictory to the core as a we are overtly protective about our ideas. It is already hard to put forth an idea with the knowledge that your team members could not approve of it. And when they agree, everything seems right and that should be the end of it.

But that i not how we should be thinking, we have to be open to depressing, criticizing, thought provoking, heart breaking feedback from people. Take it with a grain of salt and understand which ideas will help you betters whether it be a writer director, editor, painter designer or any other discipline.

It is not the end of the world when you receive criticism. But it is even harder to do if you do it to your own idea.

On the the Film

Our film revolves around a moral dilemma. People are stored in in zettabytes of data to be transferred to essentially populate the planet Mars because Earth is too over crowded and people are finding creative ways to move the human race and the people being carried inside the hard drives are rich people.

There is conflict in the movie in that half the people is corrupted and if the corrupted files are not deleted or fixed the rest of the people could be corrupted and the movie ends on a cliffhanger, Inception style, in that we dont know what the main character, Jaiden, picks and it is up to the audience to make up the choice of deleting the people or take the risk and try to fix the hard drives.

And in theory this is where it should end. In the idea creation, script writing, filming and editing.

But we have to be more critical

For example, why is it that the rich people are leaving earth?  It is true they will be the people that will be able to afford the ticket, but will they really leave? In history it is shown that the people leaving the country to the “new world” are the bandits, traders, missionaries and explorer. The rich send people to explore on their behalf so how is this new event any different?


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