Do you ever have that feeling when you were make something that you just say, “Wow i have out done myself this is great and i am so proud of this” and then you arrive in class and you see what people around your age have done sometimes even younger, just outperforms your work in every way and makes you just want to throw your work at the bin…

while i was softly sobbing in my chair our lecturer told us we have 40 more minutes to install our work… so naturally i took this chance to enhance my work. 

so it turned out like this

It still pretty much the same but i added an extra process And really just thought of this at the moment. When i was making my work, i warped the 3×3 page to make it look more of a book, like a bent page. And i thought it looked great. But when we were given an extra 40 minutes, i printed the 3×3 page selected the outer slices of the photo and then add them to the page to make it actually 3D. So my original message never changed. From a book to a “book” but more obvious. I didnt make the pages as one page but into three pages. this is because i wanted to show in 6 images characteristics of a book. folded corners flat, worn out, sometimes pages are stuck together and just flat. all of these were on the original but flat.

One thing during my 40 min addition i didnt blur out my image like the original because i felt like a combination of blur and sharp image combined with the slight bluish grey hue creates a very interesting painting that creates the illusion of something far and something near. Make sense because my friend that left is somewhere far away now and the last thing we did was when she was close or near.


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