Breakdown of Assignment 1 for integrative

This is my final project. It is a movie ticket to the Jungle Book. It is important to me because it was the last thing that we did be fore she left. 

Moving on so i took the original image


and i inverted the colours and got the negative image back using photoshop. This process is significant because this was a very happy moment and sad at the same time, negative. It is an emotional impact going to do something fun but at the same time there is no more after this, this is it. 


Next i saturated the image to create a deeper hue in the colour pallet. It is not grey or black and white like the image but it gets the idea across that it is sad, depressing, generally not a nice event is probably happening.

Then i split the image into a 3×3 collection (too many to place here) and put it together on photoshop. they were still in their general area but i moved it around as part of my earlier experimentation. and liked where i placed them.


I warped the images to make it more like pages because the film is called the Jungle Book which i felt appropriate which was also part of my creative process.

lastly the final product. i printed out the the right and left most side of the grid as the ‘leaves’ of the page and arranged them similarly to the way on the previous step, folded corner, flat, worn but made it 3d, as in appearing outside the page. but this time the leaves were not blurred because i felt it added a layer of impact with the combination of sharp and blurred images. i have expanded on this idea on my previous post.


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