Life is a progress bar

transferring all principle shots on to pc then to a hard drive for back up. because i learn from mistakes

for the shooting of the film has been pretty crazy. we have finished all the shooting for the five minute film we have lovingly called, Destinatio: Mars. It was a team effort coming up with the idea but i was the Head writer for the team and also the director of the film.

the writing process i really found really fun and it is the first time i have written a script for anything. Also the first time directing. It is really fun playing with characters names back story. But one of the hardest thing is dealing with the creative input of the writer and being based on facts.  The balance of making it seem it could happen is very hard to combine. You either tell a boring story that is predictable or go overboard with the future and do time travel or something.

I wrote the script after the first weekend of the semester and the following studio lecture we were told to make it more comedic and i was panicking because i wrote the with a serious undertone. But my team was very supporting and decided to keep the script with the team editing to make it more relatable and more jokes.

Shout out to my team member and Director of photography Kavita for being so great. I yell angles and she gets it thanks!



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