First week(ish)

zSo Last week has been an absolute mess. It has been so busy for me. We moved house last Wednesday to Pokeno, unpacking. working, university. I m not complaining but it just deteriorated my work blogging stuff.

Whats happening so far?

 so for the first week of second semester
It has been fun. Finally got my arduino got it to blink and it didnt blow up (YAY!)

 got an assignment for integrative studies, which has been said to be an extension of introduction, but much better, (sorry pete)

got to learn to integrate objects which is always a jam.
the one thing that is hard though finding an object, which i didnt think to be so hard to pick an object . i picked my object almost the last minute. I asked people  what their objects were and people had amazing back stories for the items that they chosen. some were memories of home, parents, grand parents. And i noticed something, i wasnt a person that put memories in objects. I put memories in the moments. That time i went to america, that time i rode my bike. the moment is more important to me than lets say the bike.

so what happened is that i used a photo that is used to capture moments in peoples life. Even when i identified the problem, it was still hard to find a picture because i take little photos as it is.

in the end i ended up using a photo from my birthday from last year with my friend thats leaving.

still feel like a photo is less meaningful than the stuff other people brought to class


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