The process of our grand design

It has been a long and arduous journey coming up with the idea of something is said to be magnificent and brilliant in its concept, but is also said to contain too much ingredient and not enough abstract ideas incorporated. Essentially it is not complex enough, I am spelling the image too much, and lastly not minimalist enough.

Which is the biggest problem for me. Minimalist creation is something I view to mean that not enough thought or idea or effort went into making something, which I have been graciously taught by the Mighty Sarah and the always terrifying Antonio.

Their guidance led me to looking up the design the process, which emphasizes the idea of improving. You do not make one thing and then say you are done. You make something, then improve on that and see where it takes you. Where it will change your idea about the problem. 

Hopefully I made my Object abstract enough to convey the correct idea I want to show.



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