The music in an imaginative medium

The VDMX Tutorial event hosted by Kim and Pete.

It was cool new event to visit as it is a thing that I have never delved before.
We were taught how use the program, blend images, visual effects, sound any many more. One of my favorite part of the program is that we can connect physical tactile devices that control the virtual knobs with a physical object like a sound manipulation board.

But the one problem I have with the program is its lack of compatibility with the Windows operating system and limited only to the Mac operations system which I do not have. Kim said that we should have used another VJDJ application but Pete decided to stick with VDMX

Well I do not really have a problem since we will be given a mac to borrow for the event and the fact that one of my team members have a Mac, but I do want to mess around with the program in my spare time to create ideas to throw around in my group for the project.

As a form of art work and music, this is amazing, and I would like to explore save for the fact that his application is non existent in Windows.



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