So I went to the set of the hobbit/ Lord of the rings
And went in with a different mind set from a normal movie audience.

I learned that a lot of the shire shooting was very interesting because the director sir Peter Jackson did many physical editing, rather than movie magic

He had to make the hobbit actors very small and the tall wizard very tall So he used forced perspective
That the wizard is very close to the camera and the hobbit actors had to stand 3 meters from the camera to correct the height

Another thing that they did they duplicated the front of the hobbit house one very small for the wizard to look uncomfortable and a larger for the hobbit actors to comfortable.

I found this very cool and that just by changing the placement of things in front the camera can change many things drastically and that you don’t always need the help of visual effects.
Rather it’s a tool to help but it is not the movie

The one thing that is interesting to do is that when you rewatch the film knowing how things are done, gives a new perspective. How they made it look in the film vs how it is in real life. Makes a really neat watching experience.

If only some directors could stop using green screen as their movie…



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