so i made a thing today

a bunch of things

above is my contact mike where you can contact mike in the 3d labs…

also had to re-solder my contact mic twice… thanks to a certain someone….

also the 3 are my design sketches to get me the grades that is required  to pass

initially i wanted a basic 3d shape like a cube or something, cut some holes and hit it and the holes in the object will create different sounds. after thinking it over it felt to childish and too simple even if Clinton said that he is okay with simple, just mostly worried it wont make enough different sounds with one material

the second iteration of my idea dutifully dubbed the “sound board” or “switch board” is supposed to be a a board and attached some switches to flick on and off to create different mechanical sounds… it was too much work to walk to a miter 10 or something and im a cheap student so i didn’t bother with it even if sounded cool.

the current idea of my project is a pipe glued to a wood board then a bunch of small material inside he plastic pipe to be shaken around to make noise. i also want to make some holes on the pipe to create different sounds and lastly insert a bunch of materials like a solid metal cylinder, some hollow metal pipes, some metal sheets, plastic sheets and hit them with a rod and i feel like it will have a lot of diverse sounds to be a viable instrument

Stay tuned for my ear sore part dos



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