So i made a Thing for uni unanimously titled “The epic”

so i got my inspiration from the due date and have to slap some things together… thats a joke…

This was made with the idea of telling an epic story or sounds to be used in an epic tale. most of the back ground noises i got from a series called Mahouka Kokou no Rettousei or The Regular at Magic High School and cut them up from the sound track. Next i used my recorded sounds around downtown of a creaking dock, a drummer busker using cooking utensils and bucket as a drum set. got the reaper sound effect from mass effect, the beginning sound track of halo some gun cocking and water sound effects.

i cut them up and made a beautiful mess, the other name of my project.

i decided to keep the sound fairly short only being 1:30 minutes long because a) i know that it is hard to listen to 70 sound bites thats 3 minutes long and i felt i made mine to the point although i feel the ending is a bit lack luster, ITS HARD TO END A THING OKAY.

hardest part about this assignment is the fact that i have to use some recorded sounds which sound ugly and many background noises and my main concern was if i made enough recording sounds to be able to be passable. personally i just like the sound of cleaner sounds.

Last thing the album cover is what i believe is my most beautiful face that inspires millions across the universe to go on a viking journey or kill a dragon… because you dont want that face coming after you…



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