So this is my collage for the digital part not really sure if i wanted text or not text haha so i kept both.

Always when i am looking at the tags for the subjects people submit amazing things and always make me second guess my work, it is as if it doesnt belong in a sea of amazing work.

so i took the idea from life experiences (wheres the best place to gather inspiration) of no matter how much you try no matter how old the love is no matter how close you got it wasnt never meant to be.

i took a bunch of silhouette stills for all the people. the guy sitting guy had a bit of colour so i had to turn him black first, then i inverted the colour to be white for all the people. i drew the first kids hand with a MOUSE so yeah enjoy that.

the second stage is missing legs so i had to draw on the guys  leg again with a mouse, I aM AN ARTIST, i also slightly darken the red heart of the girl to show a little turmoil even if their action say otherwise.

lastly the third one was a coloured image so i had to magic wand then black it out then invert it. use some healing patch on the guys shoe and added a grey noise to the heart to show what happened to the guys heart after all this time. lastly added a new red heart to the girl to show she moved on

but if you want the story…

in the beginning there was a guy and and a girl who gave his heart to the her for safe keeping. they stayed together for a long time living life with only them in the world. but in the girl, a very slowly moving doubt crept in her which is tainting the heart she was given, but she did her best to play the part. but it took its toll on her and her given heart, slowly destroying what they built together unbeknownst to him until she returned his damaged and greyed heart. But the shell of his heart is broken therefore he cannot even wear his old heart which he wanted more on the world for it held the memory of the good and best times they had even if she has moved on

ha well thats for it folks



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