The sound project not made of sound

So we were given a project called “The Waste of the World Becomes my Art”

the brief is long but i think the main point is that sound is a powerful medium of movement, of passion, of motivation, of change and many more.

We are taking the idea  of collage, cutting and pasting of preexisting material to create a new image, to show sounds.

this applies to composition, if we can show it as a collage we can create a composition or a put together a bunch of music/ sound together.

i think its a neat idea

for what im gonna make i think maybe the theme of “too much noise” or the idea of “information overload” that we lose our identity, i know heavy hitting idea right haha.

well i think it might be good to make a decent solution as my mock solution was literary earplugs haha, so something more with substance, but i am worried that it might become a common theme in the class.

if you present a common idea and present it better there is not enough risk so it might become redundant ind the end which i dont want.

maybe i can think of a better theme



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