Card games on motor cycle

So today we played with balloons but the balloons transfigured into ping pong balls, dont ask me.

then we made some more rule for the ping pong balloon game and discovered there are more to rules to the specified ones. Like we made the rules for the game but we know not to punch people to get the ping balloon ball its not stated as a rule but a rule everyone one knows.

my collective team made a game, an easily over complicated game ever made that makes sane people.

involves steel pigs cast knuckles, pick up sticks dices and cards
and make a game from that, we sure did.

have a steel knuckle and pick up stick

draw card and something happnes and you lose a stick and or knuckle and you win YAY

we also played a game card ice breaker ping pong ball made it better so yeah
we learned peoples birth day and cool facts about some people

fun day
now planning heading to go to a games event later in the evening



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